Thursday, January 28, 2010


9:40 pm. Send.
9:45 pm. I am not going to worry about this.
9:51 pm. JOY! A text message!
9:51:03 pm. Oh. It’s from Emma. Asking me a question about my college roommate. Random.
10:07 pm. Self, do not worry about this.
10:49 pm. I bet he’s out with his friends. They like that one band. Sometimes they see them on Wednesdays. I could just check the band’s website. And then I could know and I could go to bed.
10:50 pm. Bingo!
10:54 pm. Being back on the pill is really fucking with my skin.
10:59 pm. Read or go to sleep? Read? Sleep?
11:00 pm. Sleep. But definitely check phone once more first. Might have missed something, with it sitting two inches away from me all evening.
12:23 am. Why am I suddenly awake? Why do I feel like there’s something I should be doing? Ooooooooooooh. My phone. Definitely my phone. Checking my phone, because I could’ve slept through something. Except that I didn’t. Stellar.
12:24 am. Fuck this. I will flip over my pillow and indulge in some dreams.
4:52 am. Another hour to sleep! This is the best thing ever.
6:00 am. Wait, what? What is that irritating noise? Where am I?
6:01 am. It is really fucking cold. And it is Thursday. My bed is so much more awesome than either of these things. I am bitter. And cold. Today sucks.
6:01:18 am. My phone! My phone! Must check my phone.
6:01:20 am. Damnit.
6:27 am. This robe is so fuzzy and fluffy. Must find reasons to put off getting dressed for at least a few more minutes.
6:29 am. Why, yes, I will turn on the news. And check my email.
6:34 am. My hair is gross.
6:35 am. Freshly shaven legs are the best.
7:07 am. I need to leave in five minutes and I haven’t packed food or made any tea. Can I ever be on time? Seriously?
7:13 am. Only a minute later than planned. Score!
7:13:49 am. I think my hair might be freezing.
7:31 am. Oh, work. I must say, I didn’t miss you.
7:31:16 am. I’m ready to go home.
7:46 am. Dunkin’ Donuts coffee? For me? I knew there was a reason I came to work today. And that reason is to have someone else buy me coffee.
8:38 am. I will never cease to be amazed at the number of people who aren’t here at 8:30 am for the start of our 8:30 am workday.
8:45 am. Tweetin’ away my misery.
9:17 am. He’s been at work for 17 minutes now. I wonder if...yeah. No. Of course not.
9:25 am. I want string cheese.
10:41 am. I should probably check my phone.
10:41:06 am. I should probably stop checking my phone.
10:42 am. Goodness, I am feeling bummed. Not that I want to cry. Just disappointed.
10:43 am. Tweetin’ away my misery, part 2.
11:05 am. Here’s an idea: get over yourself.
11:09 am. I’ll just feel however I feel like feeling.
11:11 am. This doesn’t matter.
11:13 am. Déjà vu, right? Right.
11:41 am. My head is clogged with so many trivial things.
11:41:18 am. I need to sort this out. I need to blog.
11:56 am. I annoy myself.
11:57 am. I should have a better filter. My insanity is not something I should share in such detail.
11:57:06 am. Perhaps I’ll check my phone. Just in case.
11:59 am. This isn’t the morning for happy endings. Let it go. Shake it off.
12:01 pm. Publish.


Kari said...

Don't worry so much...but keep writing about when you worry because it makes me laugh...because I think a lot of us are like you!!
Maybe his phone died -- or maybe he's like me and never checks his phone!


Anonymous said...

Hello from a lurker. Just to say thanks for a great post - you are not alone, I am exactly the same! I have currently got "something" with a guy in a different country and he never answers texts or emails which drives me mad. I work myself up into a right state then he'll finally phone and all will be okay again. I think if you are used to using texts/emails frequently and quickly, it's really hard to realise that some people really do not bother checking very often, and reply even less.

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