Sunday, January 10, 2010

Squeezing it all in

Drive to Mom and Dad's.
Go to Grandma's for dinner.
Drive back to Mom and Dad's.
Get ready. Really quickly.
Drive to The Groomsman's.
Drive to the bar.
Drink one drink.
Play a card game.
Split a shot with Lucy.
Sing karaoke.
Drive to The Groomsman's.
Make out with The Groomsman.
Drive home.
Go to bed at 4 am.
* * *
Get up at 8.
Drive to work.
Work from 10 am - 3 pm.
Rush to the mall.
Return pair of shoes.
Go on a mission for a pair of panties that would remind Heather of me.
Visit far too many stores.
Buy pair of panties that really has nothing to do with me.
Go to the drugstore.
Go to Starbucks.
Drive to Mom and Dad's.
Briefly visit.
Get ready. (Rushed, again.)
Drive to restaurant.
Drive to bachelorette party host's house.
Spend too much time listening to an adult toy saleschick.
Text The Groomsman.
Drive home.
Get to bed at 1:30 am.
* * *
Get up at 9 am.
Get ready for skating.
Leave at 10:20 am.
Drive home.
Dress for memorial luncheon.
Drive an hour to Grandpa's memorial luncheon.
Sit with my cousins.
Have a decent meal.
Drive another hour to Mom and Dad's house.
Collect up my crap.
Drive to grocery store.
Purchase excessive amounts of food.
Drive to my apartment.
Freeze ass off while unloading car.
Put away groceries.
Put away clothes.
Throw away random crap.


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