Monday, January 04, 2010

Again, already?

My grandma, who died in 2003, had the same boyfriend for the 20 or so years before she died. She lived with him. We called him grandpa.

My dad's father died before I was born.

I always called him grandpa. While, technically, he was not (which I was always aware of) he was the only grandpa - on that side of the family - that I had ever known.

He was my grandpa.

And he died today.

It was a routine surgery. The first of a few, to fight the liver cancer that had recently been found. The surgery went poorly. He died later, in the Intensive Care Unit.

His children aren't having a funeral. And so it is just over - like that. Here. Gone.

I thought 2010 was supposed to be better.


Thisisme said...

Lost for words but thinking of you /:

Anonymous said...

Big hugs, honey :( I'm so sorry. xo, GFF

Kari said...

So sorry -- I hope the the rest of 2010 will be awesome for you (and the groomsman!)


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