Saturday, January 09, 2010

Passing the Test

The Groomsman met Lucy and Colleen and Chet last night.

The second he got up to go to the bathroom, they all turned to me.

“Oh my God, Aly,” Lucy said. “He so nice. And cute. And friendly.”

“I really like him,” Colleen said.

“So much better than Colin,” Chet laughed. “I mean, Colin was okay.”

“Colin was not okay,” I snickered, shaking my head.

“Well...” Chet hesitated. “Okay. He wasn’t.”

I just smiled and shook my head as they continued to sing his praises. I wasn’t surprised. But it was certainly good to hear.

Later, in the bathroom, Lucy gushed again. “Seriously, Al. He is so great. And you two just – I don’t know – you look good together, I guess. Honestly, though. I really like him.”

The Groomsman’s shining moment, however, came when we had the amazing idea to sing karaoke. Hanson’s Mmm Bop, as a matter of fact. Even though we only knew the chorus. The Groomsman came to the microphones with us. And totally carried us through the song. Which he didn’t know either.

Whenever she wasn’t belting the chorus, Colleen was turning to The Groomsman and (drunkenly) exclaiming “you are so awesome. Seriously. I love you. You are so awesome.”

There was also some point in the evening where she boisteriously announced that he had “passed the test.” I dropped my head into my hands, feigning absolute horror. (Okay, maybe that part wasn’t entirely an act.”

“There’s no test,” I laughed. “Seriously.”

Poor kid. I warned him about Colleen. But words cannot properly prepare someone for the winning combination that is Colleen and 4+ drinks. He hung in there, though. He was a good sport. It’s one of the (many) things that I like about him: he isn’t afraid to be a little silly, a little ridiculous. Sing some karaoke. Dance like the white boy that he is. Entertain my crazy friend’s nonsensical babble.

We called it a night around 1:30 am.

When Colleen got home (courtesy of her designated driver, who may or may not also be her father) she sent me a text message. “The Groomsman is awesome!!! I am so happy for you!”

Oh, Colleen. I’m happy, too.


doahleigh said...

I'm happy for you too!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I'm a dork because I'm reading this and making facial expressions like, "Oh my gosh!" and "That is so awesome." I'm so happy for you! Keep us posted!

my life is brilliant said...

Wheeeeee!!!!! YAY!!

Mrs. Architect said...


Anonymous said...

So good to hear - doing the happy dance for ya!!


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