Friday, January 15, 2010

Late night

I arranged to see him after work.
After a lot of work.
After 7:30 am.
Through 9:00 pm.

I was tired and I was not.
I was tired and I was deliriously excited.

Because that's what happens when I see him.
I am deliriously excited.
But still myself.

Around him, I feel like myself.
A smarter, prettier, wittier, more engaging version
Of the girl who I am always with.
Her but better.
Still myself.

He tells me good stories.
And listens to mine.
His laugh is contagious.
And generally linked to something
That has spewed out of my mouth
Before thinking it through.

Our hair is almost exactly the same color.
I might have a little more red.
But it is extremely close.
And he also has a bit of curl in his hair.
I haven't quite decided
If this is creepy
Or just cute.
(Am I dating myself?)

I'm okay with it.
Either way.
Because I am okay with him.
More than okay.
Deliriously excited about
Impossibly infatuated with
In pleasant disbelief of
This boy
With hair the same color as mine
Who isn't afraid to laugh at me.


Kari said...

Yeah!!! So happy for you -- think it is good that you are writing about it -- means you are less anxious about it!! Hope you have many more dates with him!


Anonymous said...

I'm so SO happy for you! Maybe someday we will see a picture of The Groomsman. :) I have a good feeling about this one and that's all I'm going to say.

A said...

He's in some of the pictures from Bridezilla's wedding!

You can click on my "wedding" label to find the wedding pictures. Here's one group of them:


my life is brilliant said...


K's hair is a very similar color to mine. When it was longer (and more plentiful), he had a bit of a curl to it as well. It just makes me excited that our future children may very well have curly hair.

The way you say you feel around him is exactly the way I feel around K. Very cool!

And one last thing: The bridesmaid's dresses you wore look a LOT like the ones we wore in the wedding where I met K.

Maybe the similarities won't end there!!!

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