Monday, January 25, 2010

Jumping in

I have a hard time keeping my mind reigned in and in tune with reality.

I do this. I do it often. Every day, probably.

I get this idea. Or feeling. Or premonition. And then I run with it. I see a job posting and, in my mind, I have it. I am writing my resignation letter in my head. I am buying a house with my substantial wage increase. I am skating a few mornings per week because of my awesome new schedule. I am happy and fulfilled in my new job. I just need to get the job. Land the interview. Mail in my resume.

There's really nothing in my life that I don't do it for, honestly. I get an idea about what to buy Mom for her birthday and Meg is getting 500-word emails full of research an hour later. I decide I want to go on vacation and I'm scouring for hotel rooms before I find someone to go with. I consider a new career path and I'm buying books on Amazon and looking up graduate schools before the dust in my brain has a chance to settle.

I'm starting to realize that I am an exhausting person.

Or maybe it is just exhausting being me.


Stace said...

I'd lean more towards a go getter. Not all of us can say we have that. I envy it!

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