Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I seriously may be losing it

My RSVP to Heather’s wedding was due a few weeks ago.

Because Heather and I have a rocky relationship, and because The Groomsman hadn’t met any of my really good friends, and because we had yet to spend multiple hours making out (please note the use of past tense – halleluiah!), and because we really hadn’t gone on all that many dates and because I have this feeling that Heather’s wedding is going to be somewhat of a gong show, I didn’t ask The Groomsman to go with me.

I think that it is a hard situation to be in, the date for a wedding of someone you’ve never met.

And I wanted my bestest friends to meet him before my high school acquaintances did.

And I didn’t want him to say no.

So I told Heather that I would be attending her wedding solo. Then bought myself a really pretty dress to wear. Because, if you’re going to go by yourself, you should at least look hot.

Today, she emails me. “Someone at your table canceled so if you want to bring a date you are welcome to bring one.”

Oh, great! Yes, it was nice of her to think of me. (I must be the only other solo loser at her table.) But now I have to make ANOTHER decision. Fantastical.

I’m just not crazy about the idea of inviting him at the last minute. Like, he might have something way better planned and then I’ll be mildly bummed that he would prefer to do whatever it is than go to a potentially trashtastic wedding at a f’ing VFW hall. (I am not even kidding.)

But I do have a pretty dress. And I am planning on looking hot.


I could always bring Lucy. Or Meg. Or my mom.

Or I could skip the wedding, stay at home, and think about every. miniscule. detail. of my life. For hours and hours and hours on end.

Why live your life when you can analyze it?


Lauren said...

Don't ask him...inviting 'dates' to weddings is tricky. Go to the wedding. Look hot. And maybe we'll get to hear about another Groomsman who is much more inclined to make the first move. :)

A said...

Oh, goodness. Not from this wedding, you won't. I...ummm...no. Just trust me on this one. :)

Anonymous said...

I would not invite him, but I also wouldn't let the party dress go to waste SO...I would tell the GM that you have this wedding to attend, would you like to meet me (looking all fabulous) for a drink after?

K said...

I go with sneak out of the wedding early and hook up with the groomsman...

beebop said...

yeah, i agree...dont bring GM, but hook up afterwards in the smokin hot dress!!!

OC said...

I agree - don't ask him... I would be afraid he'd think it was like a pity invite or you asked someone else and they bailed or something. Just avoid it entirely.

You don't see him every weekend anyway... he doesn't know all your plans... I think you're fine with that one.

Mrs. Architect said...

I have NO idea what to add...

But, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your statement, "why live your life when you can analyze it"...LOVE IT!!! That cracked me up! SO ME!!!

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