Monday, January 04, 2010

Bringin' the sap in 2010

I have a feeling that, once the giddy thrill of New Year’s Eve wears off, that there is little of that night that I will remember.

Forgetting it will not be my goal – unless, perhaps, things with The Groomsman end especially poorly – but remembering every detail will not be my goal, either. The restaurant we ate at? What I made for dessert? The color I painted my nails? It is all on the periphery of that evening. It wasn’t what made it special.

What made it special happened in a fraction of a second. The Groomsman leaned down and brushed a kiss across my forehead. We had been standing close. The room was alive, the band was loud, there was so much activity around us. I don’t think he knew that I noticed. I don’t think he wanted me to notice.

That’s what I will remember about New Year’s Eve. A simple, chaste kiss on my forehead.


my life is brilliant said...

Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!! I'm giddy FOR you!

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