Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wide-ass Wednesdays: Week 2

This is probably a bad time to do this.

But that doesn't mean that I'm going to quit.

I've just jumped into Really Really Busy. And, while treading water in Really Really Busy is time consuming, it isn't much of a workout.

Not being a lazy ass takes a lot of planning. It requires me to go to the grocery store so that I have something to eat other than macaroni and cheese. It requires me to pack food so that my lunch consists of something other than Twix bars I steal from the office candy dish. It requires a fully stocked gym bag. And the time and willpower to get to the gym. And actually stay on the treadmill once I'm there.

This is not impossible.

It is just going to take some work.

Work that I'm willing to put in. Because I swear that the pants I wore yesterday were a little tight in the thighs. And I'd really like to finish this 10k in with a reasonable time.

Also: I need to establish a schedule and I need to prove to myself that I can work 60 hours a week and still have a life. And a decent physical fitness level.


Kari said...

You can totally do this...but don't think it needs to be done overnight. Add things in slowly.

Good luck,

my life is brilliant said...

You're working 60 hours a week? Wow! I did that once. CRAZY BUSY!

I agree with Kari: You CAN do this. It'll take time for you to adjust to the schedule, but you'll be fine.

And the pants? Totally because of the dryer.

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