Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Reality and on

My diploma frame has been hanging on my wall since this summer. Empty.

Today, I finally fished my diploma out from the drawer I'd stuffed it in. I took it out. Put it in the frame. It looks lovely, hanging just above my bachelor's degree.

I'm official now. I have the matching job to go with the fancy paper. I'm allowed to be happy about my degree. It means something.

This week - the start of this new job (in addition to keeping my old job - at full time status for now) feels like the start of something more. Like perhaps I'm finally turning the page on a new chapter. From the working in a job I hate/living alone the East side/letting Colin continually break my heart chapter to the Living with Anna/working full time/going to school/being exceptional single chapter to... to... to whatever this chapter brings.

A new job is a good start. But I think there's more in store for me.


my life is brilliant said...

Great attitude! So excited for you! You EARNED this!

Paul Michael Peters said...

Wanted to make sure you saw this posting in case you were a perfect match.


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