Sunday, October 18, 2009

My list is always growing

I wonder if there is a clinical diagnosis for this.

Around noon today, I was driving home from skating.
Well, I wasn't driving home. I was driving to work. My boss needed me to do something.
And, from there, I was going to Mom and Dad's.
And from there I was going to my hockey game.
And then to the grocery store to pick up supplies to bake a coworker a birthday cake.
And, when I got home, I was going to make a pot of soup.
And take a shower. And dry my hair. And go to bed as early as possible.

I'm in my car. Crazy driving from one commitment to the next. Weekend. Weekday. Doesn't make a difference. So typical.

And I'm thinking to myself about how I really should look into joining a knitting group that donates its projects to charities.

Because that is what I need. Another project. Another obligation.

(It is insane. But I think I'm going to do it. If I'm going to knit -- why not do it for something/someone that matters?)


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