Friday, October 23, 2009

Mental illness

Oh, Danielle.

I'm really scared for you.

You've been on this downward slope for a while. From across the country, we've seen it. We. Your family.

I'm scared -- we're all scared. Because you can't see your behavior. You don't know. You don't know that you're irrational and impulsive and oh so very mean. You aren't aware of how dangerous your behavior is.

You're falling fast and you don't realize that you even stepped over the edge. We're below. Racing. With pillows and parachutes to catch you with. Furiously calling the fire department.

You don't even know you're falling.

I hope that last night is enough.

Can you try? Can you try to see that you're not okay? That knocking on someone's door for hours isn't okay? That spitting on a police officer and landing yourself in jail is not okay?

People that you love -- my mom and your mom and your dad -- are ready to fly across the country for you.

But they can't help you unless you want to be helped.

Please, please accept the help. Allow yourself to get the help you need to get better. We miss you.


Kari said...

Hope all works out for her and your family. So hard to be un able to help....


Thisisme said...

There isn't enough support in this work for mental illness and there certainly isn't enough for the families dealing with the mentally ill. I hope it works out );

Mrs. Architect said...

Damn! I'm so sorry to hear this! :o(

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