Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ignorance is so blissful

I like Facebook. A lot.

But I do not like Facebook when it tells me things that I would rather not know.

Weddings and babies are fabulous. Honestly.

The girl flying from here to Europe to see The Athlete for a week? Not fabulous. That girl was not his girlfriend during the infamous bar crawl. And he left, like, four days after that. But she’s “in a relationship” and she’s making the transatlantic booty call.

Fuck. Not fair.

(Note to self: stay off of Facebook until the end of time because that girl is going to post pictures of her trip and my head is going to explode.)

(Did I mention that this girl is an acquaintance of my sister? [Awkward.] Or that she also has curly hair? Or that she is younger than me, which feels weirdly weird mcweirderson?)

Seriously, though. This kid was NOT in a relationship – not one that wasn’t super secret (or one of convenience, anyway) – at the end of summer.

He’s kind of skeezy.

Oh, of course he is. He drunk dialed me for a booty call when he had a girlfriend in Europe last summer. He was skeezy then. He is still skeezy now.

Hate that I’m fully aware of that and have a thing for him anyway.


my life is brilliant said...

If he really is skeezy, then she'll get his STDs.

And if he's skeezy but not THAT skeezy, then he'll cheat on her across the ocean.

See? There's a bright side here!

Breanna Lane said...

Shame, shame on your name.

You should know by now that that particular guy will end up with some new type of crabs and donate those to another girl.

Please, do not be that girl.

A said...

I won't be that girl.

Blog post on that tomorrow. :)

Stace said...

I like fb b/c i could have totally "liked" that post without commenting, but now i have to comment. :) I think I don't like this boy. :( WHATEVER! I like you though! :)

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