Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Getting an answer

Or not.

My boss has been blowing me off for almost two weeks now. He’s pretty much sitting on this and waiting for it to go away, which I don’t really appreciate. But it is sort of how he is. I’m not shocked.

We talked about it last week. We discussed me going part time. We discussed me working an evening or two at one of the company’s other facilities. He didn’t give me an answer.

“But you don’t want to lose your benefits,” he said to me in that meeting.

“It isn’t ideal,” I told him. “But I understand. I’m not putting you in an ideal situation either.”

He just pulled me into his office with the one-woman HR team.

“We want to make this work for you,” he said, “but I don’t see how we can.” His concern is that I would be gone on Mondays, which are busy. And his concern is that they won’t be able to find a part-time employee who would be willing to work only on Mondays. I understand that, too.

He basically said that anything but my dropping my benefits and going to part-time is out of the question. Which is okay. They’re increasing our contribution to our benefits. I’m young and healthy and can buy my own insurance policy. I’ll be making more money at the library. It would all balance out – possibly in my financial favor.

But this is all contingent on them being able to find someone who wants to work on Mondays. Only Mondays.

The one-woman HR team is interviewing someone right now. (Which I can hear. Which is awkward.)

She has someone else in mind, too.

I feel a little sick about the whole thing.

Giving up your benefits and vacation time is way less scary in the abstract.


my life is brilliant said...

You'll be OK. Change is always scary. When it comes to working toward what you want, it's always worth it!

Anonymous said...

You took such a huge leap by even trying to making this work. You're on your way, I can feel it! Good luck!!

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