Tuesday, July 28, 2009




Kari said...

In my country, you are already engaged...he brought you Timmie`s...that counts as a proposal! :)


A said...

Seriously, right? Fact: coffee (esp. the T. Ho's) is the way to my heart. :)

Kari said...

I am totally serious....have you ever been to a Timmie`s north of the border...we (well not me) love our Timmie`s...it is totally a courting ritual...and as he is a hockey player...he so knows it.
I can see the Tim`s commercial now...the two of you exchanging vows at centre ice (you in a white skating dress) :)

Accidentally Me said...

My, what big hands you have:-P

A said...

LOLOL. It does look like my hands are huge, eh?

And, yes, Keri, of course I've been to a Tim Horton's in Canada! (March or April was my last time.) I still have the coffee cup on my desk. Am admiring it like I'd admire a diamond. ;)

Mrs. Architect said...

CUTE pic!!! You need to post one of the rest of him!

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