Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Grand Return

If you’re new here, you missed last summer’s ordeal with The Athlete.

Cliff’s Notes version: he plays sports for a living. He asked me out. I couldn’t go. He drunk dialed me. He told me I was adorable. I was smitten. He left for Europe, for 9 months, a week later.

He has been back since April.

I’ve talked to him. Run into him a few times. Good to see him and all but...whatever.

I understand the circumstances. He plays a game for a living. And I’ve always been quite sure that there is no shortage of girls, even in Europe, who are fond of that.

He isn’t a real option. The fantasy is great – Shy Girl Meets Professional Athlete: They Fall in Love and He Whisks Her Away to Europe. But I do occasionally allow myself to dip my toes in the pool of reality. He left for 9 months last year. He’s leaving for 9 months again this year.

I get it. Seriously, you guys. I get it.

But when I got the Facebook invitation to his annual bar crawl? The bar crawl that he drunk dialed me from last year? And when he asked me about it on Monday morning, flashing his grin-smirk hybrid?

Reality was far from the thoughts dancing through my head.


Anonymous said...

ah i LOVE it. i'm such a sucker too. :)

Anonymous said...

It might be the very thing you need! And you might meet someone else! :)

Mrs. Architect said...



Accidentally Me said...

Oh this will be fun:-) At a minimum, it will be lots of young people out to have a good are certain to make some fun new friends!!!

When is it?

Kari said...

You totally have to will be a blast (and then you have to post alll about it!)

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