Sunday, July 05, 2009

Another week. Already.

I got pimped out of the long weekend. Is it just me, or was everyone on this planet who has a full-time job comped either Friday or Monday due to the holiday falling on Saturday? Yeah, that's what I thought. Oh, poor poor tortured me. Nothing is ever fair for me!

Oh, just kidding. As sorry as I like to feel for myself, I think I will make it through this adversity just fine. The standard two-day weekend did a fine job of wearing me out and leaving me with a hint of sunburn on my legs.

All in all, it was a standard Independence Day. As always, we had Meg's family party at Mom and Dad's. Sunshine and family and fireworks. Life on the lake is delightfully predictable. All the same people. All the same foods.

I spent the first half of today sitting on the deck. I'm in the middle of Angela's Ashes, so engrossed that I'd rather read than do just about anything else. Include put on sunscreen. Sorry, legs!

We went golfing as a big, happy family at Dad's country club in the afternoon.

Basically - the weekend (minus the trip to the bar on Friday night) was the same 4th of July weekend that I had as a freshman in high school. And a senior in high school. And a sophomore in college. And in my first year out of college.

I guess that's okay.

Doesn't give you much to write about, however.


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