Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend: Quiet and Great

I spent my Friday night on Chet and Lucy’s patio. Snacks and drinks and two great friends. The weather was mild. I was happy.

I spent my Saturday on the deck at Mom and Dad’s. My parents, as many of you have read me rant about previously, live on a slice of heaven. I had a book and the sunshine and the state of mind to lounge through my afternoon. I went on a walk with my little cousin Max. It was blissful.

I met Ashley and Darren for dinner on Saturday. Darren was one of those people who I was so close with when we were working together, but sadly assumed that we’d fall out of touch when we were no longer coworkers. When he decided to join us for dinner, I was pleasantly surprised.

Ashley is another former coworker. She is one of those friends who happen to meet at work but remain friends with once you’ve moved on. We went to Starbucks after dinner (Darren had another event to make an appearance at) and we sat on the patio and watched people and gossiped our hearts out. The weather was perfect. The coffee was perfect. The company was perfect. Not a weekend evening that makes for funny stories on Monday morning. I didn’t mind.

Sunday was much like Saturday. A swimsuit. A book. The deck. Watching the Confederations Cup on television. And my own soccer game later in the evening – a frustrating 2-2 tie.

And so I start another week.


Mrs. Architect said...

Sounds like a weekend of perfection to me!

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