Sunday, June 07, 2009

Wedding Weekend

My legs are going to hurt so bad when I get up tomorrow morning.

Correction: IF I get up tomorrow morning.

Thank my first soccer game of the season.
Thank all the time I spent in heels over the last three days.
Thank the weekend. Every second of it. With approximately 8 hours of sleep between the two nights. And 15 hours in a bridesmaid dress. And the birth and development of an enormous crush. And a martini bar. And a divorce party. And a little bridal drama. And Emma's graduation party. And the fast depletion of a full tank of gas. And, admittedly, more fun than I expected.

I am drained.

Pictures and stories to follow!


Accidentally Me said...

I think you know which part of this we are all really waiting to hear...;-).

And no, it is NOT the soccer game!

Mrs. Architect said...

DITTO to A.M.!! And PICS!!! Hurry and update!!!

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