Thursday, June 11, 2009

So I called

Colleen had a boy to call, too. When getting together to wrap Lucy's birthday presents, we discovered that we both had numbers burning holes in our pockets. After we dropped off the presents, we'd stop at the bar, grab a drink and make our calls. (In the privacy of our cars.)

That was at 8:30.

Colleen's number, from a guy she met at the bar last Saturday night, was a. complete. fake. Understandably, she was humiliated.

Mine, on the other hand. Mine was the right number. I know mine was the right number. I called The Groomsman at that number on Sunday morning. And he answered.

Tonight he did not answer. It went to voicemail after the second ring.

I haven't heard from him.

Guessing that I won't.

Wondering why I did this to myself. Blabbed this all over the place.

I'm supposed to keep this quiet. That's what I do. Quiet and private.

So that I can suffer my own humiliations in private.


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