Monday, June 08, 2009


Only one of the bridesmaids has posted her photos on The Facebook. I'll share more as I get them!

With the maid of honor in the limo. Not exactly an adorable shot of me. [Note to self: lift your chin!] Whatev!

At the head table.

That's me at the right edge of the photo. And that is the groomsman next to me. (Giggle.)

Chillaxing (I'm the one with my feet up) on my way to the church.


Mrs. Architect said...

umm...THE groomsman is a cutie patootie!!

And no wonder he was digging look SMOKIN' woman!!

Mrs. Architect said...

And I like the way you have your chin down in that first're looking flirty! ;o)

A said...

Haha. Thanks, Alli. I sort of feel like it just makes my pointy witch nose look even pointier and witchier! XO

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