Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Saturday: Preparations and Ceremony

Saturday morning came quickly.

I took a shower and threw on a stunning outfit: yoga pants and a zip-up sweatshirt. With cute matching I-slept-4-hours bags under my eyes. And I was off.

First stop: the 24-hour supermegahuge grocery store. Needed: wedding card and sustenance. I was mildly concerned that I wouldn’t have a chance to eat all day. Thus: the wonder that is Luna Bars. Two of them, to be tucked away in my purse so that I could avoid being a crabby, hungry bitch with dangerously low blood sugar.

Second stop: the hotel, where I met up with the rest of the bridesmaids.

Third: the salon for hair and makeup. Because we had a largeish group, we got a little side room to throw our crap in. The bride’s mom brought bagels and fruit and snacks – which I happily feasted on when I wasn’t in the chair. I liked how my hair and my makeup turned out. I would have liked both a little better had I not paid for them. Such is life.

Then, back to the hotel. A little time for snacking. We got dressed. Put on our shoes and our jewelry. Tried to stay out of the way of the photographer and the videographer. Did the whole Help The Bride Into Her Dress ordeal. OMG, the buttons. On her dress? Such a pain. They looked pretty. Her dress was gorgeous. Definitely not something I would choose – too big, too bulky, too ornate. But she loved it and it loved her.

Next: pictures. Endless pictures. In the lobby of the hotel. Then outside of the hotel. Walking with our arms intertwined, pretending that we were talking about something funny. Standing in windows. Staring off into the distance. Strategically placed under chandeliers and near pianos. You know, the typical.

(Side note: if/when I get married, I will not go this route. I don’t want a thousand posed photos. I really don’t want table shots. The photojournalism style is much more appealing to me.)

We hustled back to the hotel room, threw together a bag of “just in case” items and met the limo driver back in the lobby.

Our ride to the church was uneventful. Listened to a silly wedding-themed CD that the driver put on. Sang along. Acted silly. And arrived at the church, where the groomsmen were waiting at the door.

Like I mentioned before, The Groomsman was standing outside. He looked at me. With his blue, blue eyes he looked at me. And I could’ve fallen over. But I am an excellent actress! I was also carrying our overflow bag of emergency items, which was really heavy and I needed to set it down ASAP.

The bride did a few shots in the church. We all milled about. And we were ushered into secrecy, the bride’s room in the basement, before long.

And then we were on the stairs.

And then we were walking down the aisle.

Slightly different from other weddings I’ve been in, I walked the majority of the aisle by myself. Kind of freaky. The groomsmen met us just after the last pew, and we basically walked up the stairs together.

“Have fun,” my groomsman whispered to me. “Behave yourself,” I whispered to him.

The ceremony was nice. Very pretty. They had a singer and a flautist, which was classy. The ceremony was pretty standard - nothing that you haven't seen before. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) They read 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. Lit a unity candle. Kissed.

The pastor completely skipped over her aunt, who was supposed to do a reading. ...but ended up awkwardly sitting up with us, though in the shadows over to the side, for the entire ceremony! (She ended up reading the poem at the reception.)

After the ceremony was over, the bridesmaids handed out bubbles. The guests gathered on the stairs outside of the church and blew bubbles on the bride and the groom during their faux exit. Everyone watched as they entered the limo and drove off.

Around the block.
And back to the church.

For more photos!


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