Thursday, June 11, 2009

Please excuse me while I freak out for a moment

He’s just not that into me.


Also: shit.

That has to be what it is.

Because it is Thursday. And it isn’t like he’s called me. Isn’t that what you do, if you’re the guy and you’re interested? Call?

I think I will spend the day feeling bummed. Because I honestly thought something was going to come of this. And I’m absolutely certain that he was digging me at the reception. Which means that I’m the one who fucked it up. Was it my big mouth? Was it how I drove? Was it what I ate at brunch? When he leaned in to hug me on Saturday night – was he trying to kiss me? Did I unknowingly give him the cheek?

I feel like a pretty big loser.

And also like maybe I could cry.


Kari said...

I wouldn't count him out yet...don't you guys have tentative plans for the weekend?? He's likely just waiting to see if you show up (to see how into him you are) before he makes his next move.

beebop said...

girl, breathe! he's probably counting on the fact that he'll bump into you this weekend, right? friday or saturday? can you call him on saturday afternoon to see if you can hook up? or what his plans are?
beebop (your cleveland gal)

A said...

Well, we won't be bumping into each other this weekend. The bridesmaids were planning on going out on Friday - and he'd mentioned that to me - but I'll be at the Red Wings game. I haven't told him that directly. I am bad a direct. I am bad at this. What I'm good at is whining and feeling sorry for myself! :)

Anonymous said...

Call him today - tell him you won't be around on Friday and then make plans for Saturday - what better way to celebrate yet another Stanley Cup? Freak only (and maybe not even then) if he is evasive in not being able to do Saturday. Maybe it's way to early for this mantra but I've always believed that when it comes to finding the ONE, you have to put yourself out there, risk being crushed like a recycled tin can to even have a chance at finding what you really want in life.

Anonymous said...

What are the chances you could bump into him after the game? Is it possible to go where they are after the game ends? You could FB him or you could call him and say you'll be at the game and where will he be after? I wouldn't rule him out yet either, and don't be afraid to make a doesn't hurt and it's okay to do that. Friending him on FB would be a good start, like today.

Anonymous said...

What happened to his girlfriend?

Accidentally Me said...

OK...step back from the I still say you don't do anything yet unless he reaches out to you. I think everyone else is right that he is maybe counting on running into you Friday.

And having him a little dissapointed in that won't be a bad thing!!!

A said...

No girlfriend, which I found out later. I just sort of assumed - due to how adorable he is.

We are friends on the Facebook. Which doesn't count for anything - except an easy way to get in touch with him.

Friday night is complicated. Part of me thinks that he's waiting to hear about the plans from me. So wouldn't it be decent of me to give him an update?

Gah. Am not good at putting myself out there.

my life is brilliant said...


The more I read of this story, the more familiar it sounds.

K and I hung out with a few of the other members of the wedding party after the wedding was over. I had been told and hinted to that K was interested in me, but I was scared to make the first move.

After the group was done hanging out that night, the best man told me I should just suck it up and call K, since it was way obvious that we "wanted to hook up." I informed the groomsman that I don't hook up with people, but I got K's number.

I called him that night, and the conversation was weird and awkward. I felt really stupid, and I felt like a 12-year-old talking to a 26-year-old (he was 26, I was 21).

Anyway, I saw him the next day at the post-wedding brunch, and that's when we talked the whole time.

I'm telling you things didn't go smoothly so you know that sometimes guys are just slow to start. Turns out K thought he was playing it cool when we talked the night before the brunch. lol

Denice said...


Anonymous said...

Your assignment that is due on Saturday is that you MUST make contact with him :)) This could lead to a new degree...the Mrs :))


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