Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On quitting

Tell me, friends, when I should give up on this.

Because I am 26 and I don’t know how these things work.

I just know that I want this boy to call. And he isn’t. And I am trying awfully hard not to care, not to notice, not to hope too much.

So if you guys wouldn’t mind being brutally honest. And letting me know when I should abandon my hope. I’d appreciate it. Otherwise, I'll hang on far too long and fall way too far.


Kari said...

Call/text/email him! You have nothing to lose! Say, "Hey, what are you up to X night? Want to grab a drink (or supper or check out X band or take in X festival or something)??"
You can do this!! I say he is interested but is possibly a little shy. Go ahead and do it! You won't regret it (but you will regret it if you don't)


Anonymous said...

I agree with Kari! I would try another meet up out with friends and if that doesn't spark it up, then I would let it go.

A said...

There really aren't any group outings planned at the moment. ...guess I could throw some people together for the weekend after next. Would likely be a bunch of my friends and Meg's friends and...The Groomsman? That could be scary for him. :)

Although, by that time the bride and groom will be home from their honeymoon. Am kind of assuming that they'll eventually get the wedding party together. So I'll see him then ---

Kari said...

If there isn't a group thing, then why not the 2 of you just go out?? Somewhere outside,where you can walk, talk, throw a frisbee, grab something to eat, etc?? Pick something that you feel comfortable with so you will be somewhat at ease. Throw some food into the mix and maybe a little bit of alcohol to calm the nerves!! I think that would be less scary than a group that he doesn't know.


Kari said...

Another idea..what about a game of golf or the driving range?? Say something like you want to get some practice in so you can kick your 'lil sis butt and were wondering if he was up for a round??


my life is brilliant said...

Kari has some great ideas! I completely agree with everyone that you should make the move. It's true: What DO you have to lose? Anxiety. That's it. Bam!

And in case you were wondering, I made the first move with calling K. I had never, ever, EVER in a billion years made the first move or even dreamed of it. Turns out making that one -- which was a phone call, by the way -- was a good move.

Don't cheat yourself, and don't underestimate yourself. He's clearly into you. We read that text too, missy! ;)

Lauren said...

I agree...reach out one time for a drink/dinner/tigers game (man I'd love to catch my tigers this year), and if he doesn't bite, drop it.

Paul Michael Peters said...

Please keep in mind I am old school and traditional - Boys don't like girls who ask them out.

Men are thick headed and do not take hints very well, so I know that women need to be really obvious when they are interested. I don't know of any long term relationships that have worked out when the lady takes the lead.

Short term, works great, guys get big heads and love the attention.

So call. Drop hints. Text and be cute (which I am sure comes naturally to you) But don't ask him out. Just pay attention to him.

Suggested music for this situation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycbgHM1mI0k

Anonymous said...

Congrats - the dial thing seems to be working (meant in only the kindest fashion - damn words w/o inflection) I am a fan of the straightforward approach - calling. But if you want to try a less direct approach (by the thinnest of margins) how about a text to him "Hey what's a girl got to do to get you to call her and ask her out?" Cute, a side step from the straight on approach and his response will let you know his level of interest. Maybe he was so blown away by your awesomeness during the wedding festivities that he feels out of your league. Trust me been there done that.

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