Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Oh no you didn’t!

My asshole coworker is, well, an asshole. Huge one.

There is nothing he likes more than to rip on me. Which is fine, because it gives me complete permission to tear him up whenever the opportunity presents itself.

But today that fucker crossed the line.

He implied that Meg is a lesbian because she plays hockey.

Which he has NO RIGHT to do.

He does not know Meg. Only knows that she plays hockey.

When I informed him that his suggestion was incorrect, he snorted. “Yeah, she’s not. Only her girlfriend is, right?”

Seriously, dude? Fuck off.

There isn’t a person in the world who I am more protective about.

Sit around and say that I’m not going to get married until you’re blue in the face. But rip on Meg one more time? I’m going to be forced to kick you in the balls. In front of all of our coworkers. On your birthday. In a staff meeting.


Paul Michael Peters said...

A few more months and you will have your dream job... then you can kick him in front of anyone you want.

He must have a small pecker. So you will need to take careful aim.

Kari said...

Send him to my home town....there are a few girls with Olympic gold medals (and pretty hot husbands) who would kick his @ss. Also if he believes in these terribly inaccurate stereotypes ask him how many years he danced ballet!
I ditto p2...soon you will have your dream job and you will be the one laughing.
Again...if he says anything more about your sister, ship him North...fedex ground is really cheap...I know at least one hockey player's husband who would take care of him!!!


Anonymous said...

Being a lesbian isn't an insult. Instead of getting mad that he is mislabeling her, you should be upset that you have to work with such a bigot.

Accidentally Me said...

He probably likes irritating, and the best defense is just to ignore him. His opinion of her sexuality is not really something you should spend a lot of time worrying about. Hopefully you can be done with him soon enough:-)

I am also with anonymous...it is a pretty poor attempt at insulting someone. He obviously meant it to be an insult, but imagine she really was a lesbian...would you feel like it was insulting to call her one? I doubt it.

Some of my favorite people are lesbians!

Mrs. Architect said...

I think this poor pathetic loser likes you and the only way he knows how to flirt is like a 10 year old.

Grow up dude.

my life is brilliant said...

I kind of agree with alli. What the hell is this guy's problem?

I also agree that there's nothing wrong with being a lesbian. What IS wrong with this whole thing is that he made that comment to upset you. That alone is wrong on MANY levels, but it's very unprofessional.

That's actually grounds for firing someone.

Douchebag is lucky you handled it better than I would have.

A said...

Oh - I didn't mean for it to sound like being a lesbian was any sort of huge insult. It isn't a big deal, really. And, truthfully, she does play with a lot of lesbians. And a lot of them are very cool gals. :)

He said it in a way that he clearly intended for it to be an insult. And THAT is what I was insulted by, more than anything else.

He loves throwing the lesbian hockey player term around. He's a wanker.

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