Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More wedding photos

The Groomsman, the maid of honor, me and the best man. Wearing my famous bridesmaid shirt!

The Groomsman took this picture of me at the rehearsal dinner. Remember how I said I was on fire that night?

Am not sure if the white dress tipped you off, but this is the bride and groom.

There was a photo booth at the reception. Now, from what I understand, having a photo booth is crazy expensive. But from what I experienced, having a photo booth is crazy awesome.

The bridesmaids pull out some sass in the photo booth.

The Maid of Honor and I squeeze into the photo booth with the groomsmen.


Mrs. Architect said...

#1, I am SO sorry you had to wear that god awful "bridesmaid" tshirt in public. Barf!!!! That's about as bad as girls prancing around on bachelorette nights with condoms stapled to a veil.

#2, HONEY!! You must post pics of yourself on a regular basis! You are H.O.T. hot!!! Seriously, you are GORGEOUS!!!

#3, LOVE the serious pose! You rock it well! I look TERRIBLE when I try to pose all serious.

#4, did I mentioned how beautiful and smokin' you are???

A said...

1. HAHA. I know. I was also pressured into wearing it again (without washing - gross) to brunch on Sunday.
2. I heart you.
3. Honestly, no idea how I pulled that one off. Beginners luck?
4. No, really, I seriously heart you.

Anonymous said...

Same old foogie anon from the other day. you totally hit the sassy pose out of the park.

my life is brilliant said...

Your sass pose is AWESOME!

Looks like so much fun! We looked into photo booths, and yes, they are RIDICULOUSLYcrazy expensive.

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