Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Let's play a game!

Name of the game: Relocation Relay

Rules: suggest a location - exotic, quaint, urban, whatever - that I should consider as my relocation destination.

Rationale: the situation at my company is not looking good. The economy in Michigan is not looking good. The likelihood that I'm going to have to move grows by the day. I might as well start pinpointing potential locations, right? Right.

Ready. Set. GO.


beebop said...


Anonymous said...

Tulsa, OK - the local economy is not so bad, the people are nice - the winter's aren't too bad and your nearly in the middle of the country - for what that's worth, lol.

Anonymous said...

oh and PS (Tulsa) has a fair amount of universities, some really good school systems and a public library system that aint to shabby. WHo knows someone there has to be looking for someone of your skill sets.

Accidentally Me said...

I have a spare bedroom:-)

Mrs. Architect said...

I vote we both just pack up all our shit, move it into storage, and travel all over europe and south america eating and watching soccer until this bleak economy turns around.

Lauren said...

Duh...Washington, DC. VERY active UM alumni out here, lots of youn single people, TONS of Michiganders, lots of jobs, and you can make use of that Masters degree out here!

Kari said...

Ummm...Canada?? While it may not be exotic...our economy is in better shape than yours, we have free healthcare, Hockey Night in Canada (with a lame new theme song), and lots of libraries!


KellyM said...

Madison, WI - Lots of jobs. Awesome town. Not too far from where you are.

3carnations said...

I'm in Michigan, too, and my hours were cut by 20% months ago...So, yeah...Not here.

A said...

Eeeek! Thanks for all of the good ideas, everyone! I think Alli's wins out though, because it involves soccer and not working! ;)

Madison: almost went to school there. Love it. Would definitely consider.

Canada: if I could get the proper paperwork, I'd like that.

Washington, DC: a very real possibility.

Boston/Accidentally Me's spare bedroom: amazing.

Tulsa: somewhere I never would've thought to consider. Hmmm. Am looking more into this.

Cleveland: close to home. Glorious. Is the situation there any better than in MI?

Kari said...

The paper work is easy....we need more people up here! Plus you have already mastered the eh! Maybe we could just find you a nice Cdn boy to marry and then there is no need for the paperwork:)
I do know when I lived in SK (I live in MB) they had a really hard time getting lib at the U as there are only a few Lib Sci programs in Canada...therefore there aren't a lot of grads to hire.

Anonymous said...

Wow this Canadian thing could grow some hair here. (leaving out for the moment the acquiriong papers by way of marriage) Could you imagine the new improved blog? "So (formerly Midwestern) Adopted Canadian" Catchy, eh?

my life is brilliant said...

Oh, Tulsa could be cool. It's a nice city, and Oklahoma grows some very polite and studly boys.

I'm super pumped about the D.C. thing. That'll be just a few hours from me. Do that!!! :)

I also read that Richmond, VA, and Colorado Springs are some of the best places in the country to move to right now because the rate of companies that expect to hire soon is so high in both places.

OC said...

I'd vote for Boston too. If you find your way to CT, I know of multiple soccer teams you are more than welcome to join!

Or whoever offers you a good job!

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