Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It isn't much, really

I sent The Groomsman a text message last Wednesday, sometime in the middle of the workday. It was a random, funny text that had to do with something that happened at the wedding. Nothing that really justified a response. And I didn’t get one.


It stung a little bit. I had fully expected to hear back from him. The Groomsman is a funny guy – and that is one of the things that I liked most about him. He could handle, and return, my sharp and sarcastic humor.

I heard back from him. On Friday night, in the greeting card aisle of Target, where I was shopping with Colleen. I had been texting with Meg and assumed, upon hearing my phone, that it was her. “I hope it is The Groomsman,” I thought to myself.

My hope? It springs eternal.

But it was The Groomsman. I read his text – a little joke, followed by “Finally thought of something hilarious to say. Wow did that take a long time!”

I gave him an A for his humor, an F for his speed. We exchanged maybe another text or two – that was all. Nothing to get too worked up about. But so nice to hear back from him.

On my way between the wedding ceremony and the reception on Saturday, I sent him another text message. “Quick! Respond with something funny. Am timing you. Try to beat your previous record of 75 hours.”

I never got my funny response.

What I got was an invitation.

“Hey. I think we are all going to watch the firework in [his hometown, which is also where my cousins Liz and Danielle grew up] tonight.”

I told him, apologetically, that I was at a wedding.

He told me it wasn’t a big deal. To have fun.

By now, I’m at the reception, texting away cocktail hour. “You kids have fun at the fireworks! Am bummed that I can’t come. Something else soon, eh?”

His response: “Definitely.”

I left it at that.


Mrs. Architect said...

WEEEE!!!! This post made me SMILE!!! BIG!!! What a happy, happy Tuesday for me - for you!

Kari said...

Sooooo proud of you for texting the groomsman....you did your homework well! Congrats! (also liked that you used eh!...)


A said...

Kari: ha! I live awfully close to Canada. :)

Alli: You're so sweet and silly and super!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the texting. I hope you're proud of yourself for stepping outside the comfort zone. Who knows he may actually be worthy of ya, eh?

A said...

Well - hold the applause - I'll admit that texting is the easier way out. ;)

Kari said...

Doesn't matter if it was the easier way out or not...you did it! Baby steps, if texting gives you more confidence, do it! Soon you will be picking up guys left, right and centre!!

Kari(the Cdn!)

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