Sunday, June 14, 2009

I heart early June

There are few things I love more than I love my Sunday summertime soccer league. It is the only time of year that I get to play real, legitimate, full-field soccer. And I love it.

What I don't love is how absolutely cranked I am after our games. It is hard to fall asleep and it is hard to stay asleep. We pulled off a mighty victory today. I'll pay for it in the morning. And when I'm wandering around my apartment at 4:30 am.

This weekend? Fabulous. Despite the Red Wings losing. I was reasonably productive, reasonably busy and I found time to start a new book and nap in the sun - nothing like the insanity that was last weekend.

Finally, an update on the groomsman. I didn't see him. I didn't hear from him other than the texts on Friday during the day and another that came when I was at the Red Wings game on Friday night.

My Facebook stalking skills indicate that he had a party to attend today. And, actually, I was busy last night with Lucy's birthday extravaganza - so I guess it was for the best. For whatever reason (and I'm sure that reason is the text he sent me on Friday), I'm feeling less freaked out about the whole thing. Like maybe I've done all that I can do - and now I just have to let it go and see what his next move is (or, I suppose, what his next move isn't).

I'm sure that this will all change tomorrow, when I post 12 raging paragraphs about how undesirable I am and how I ruin everything by letting The Groomsman know that I play soccer.

So until then, dear blog friends, we'll be calm. But don't say that I didn't warn you!


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