Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Groomsman, Part II

He lives by me. He lives and works by where I live and work. I learned that on Friday. I remembered that on Saturday – when he was too drunk to drive and I was not.

I drove him home.

I imagine that got some tongues wagging – us leaving together.

Nothing to report, however. Chatted on the drive home. A hug when I dropped him off.

We had to attend brunch the next morning. He was, obviously, without a vehicle. The master plan was for us to drive together to the brunch, we would do the brunch thing, he would get his car and we'd each go on our merry way.

I called as I was leaving my apartment. "Hey Aly!" I liked that he used my name when he answered the phone. Or maybe I just liked hearing his name. "Good morning, Sunshine! Just wanted to make sure you're awake!"

I'm sure that the gossips loved that we showed up together on Sunday morning, too. And that he sat next to me. And that, as the bride and the groom opened their presents, we leaned against the wall together -- when we weren't picking up wrapping paper or pushing presents out of the way. And that we left together.

I drove him to his car.

And got another hug.

He mentioned, as he got out of the car, the plans that the other bridesmaids have to go out next Friday night. "So you girls are planning on going out..."

"...well, I'm going somewhere else first, so I'm not sure if or when I'll be out."

So -- that's it, really. Now I sit around and wait? One of the bridesmaids just tagged me in all of his Facebook photos of the wedding. He has my number. It isn't like he needs to do much work. Other than call me.

And suddenly I remember how much The Game sucks.


my life is brilliant said...

Once again, this sounds ridiculously familiar. The only difference between K's and my day-after-the-wedding experience is that we didn't ride to & from the brunch together. Once he got there, though, we did the same thing -- leaned against the wall and talked when we weren't doing bridal party duty. :)

If anyone ever asks me how K and I met, I'll just send them to these posts!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you have his number too. Pursue if you have to if he feels like he could be right. Why miss out on any opportunity over something silly as who calls whom first. Just the two cents worth of an old foogie.

A said...

HA! Feel free to copy and paste onto your blog/family newsletters as necessary! :)

A said...

I do have his number. And I think I might even have the courage to call him. But I'm going to give him a little time. Or a lot? Eeee. Scared.

Susan said...

EE! Aly this sounds like it could be exciting! And he's cute. :)

Definitely call him even if you give him a few days...nothing wrong with taking control. G'luck.

Accidentally Me said...

Well, you obviously need to make a point to go out on Friday night...that much is clear.

I wouldn't call him yet, give him the week to call you, especially since you have "almost kinda tentative" plans to see him anyway. Assuming things go well and he is still digging you, then we can worry about that next week:-)

Or, alternatively, you could call him and say "Hey, what are you doing Thursday? Wanna come over and make out?"

Accidentally Me said...

Also...sign into gmail and I would be happy to chat about this with you for, oh...three consecutive days, at least:-)

A said...

Well, it could be exciting. I don't know. I am tryingtryingTRYING not to get my hopes up. Have heard nothing from him yet.

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