Monday, June 08, 2009

Friday: I Make A Bad Decision

I took Friday off of work.

But went in for a little while. That always happens.

I had spent the night at Mom and Dad’s – I’d gone home to watch the Red Wings get shellacked by the Penguins on Thursday night. I woke up earlier than I would’ve liked. Drank coffee with Mom. Watched Dave Matthews Band on the Today Show (I prefer GMA, actually, but my love for David J. Matthews triumphs all). Played a bit with Blue the Wonderdog.

I picked up Emma and we went and got pedicures. Her high school graduation party was on Sunday – the perfect excuse for her to join me. Emma is a horrendous pain in the ass sometimes, but we usually do okay when it is just the two of us. Friday was not an exception. With wet toes, we happily waddled back to our car and back to her house, where our mothers were busy preparing for her graduation party.

I stayed and helped for a bit, before heading off to home, to work and to the rehearsal.

I pull into the parking lot just behind of one of the groomsmen. He’s changing into his bride-appointed tuxedo t-shirt in the parking lot. I am amused. (And already wearing my bride-appointed, bedazzled bridesmaid t-shirt.)

So I go inside and I mill about. Gossip with the other bridesmaid. Meet the groom’s parents. Meet the shirtless groomsman. And realize. That. He. Is. So. Adorable.

Oh, how sure I was that I was not lucky enough to walk with him.

And I was right. I walked with one of the groom’s married friends. I ALWAYS get the married groomsman. But it was okay. I loved my partner in crime. In a platonic sort of a way.

Actually, I kind of loved all of the groomsmen. A hilarious bunch, they were. Much more fun than I guessed that they would be.

Anyway. We did the rehearsal thing. Appreciated the gorgeous church. (Really colorful and vibrant – they didn’t even need to order flowers for the ceremony.) Chatted it up. Went to dinner.

Dinner was at a big, generic, chain restaurant that primarily serves Buffalo wings. Not exactly my sort of thing. But whatever. I entertained the bridal parties with tales of the creepy one-man IT department at work, with how I couldn’t fit into my bridesmaid dress two days earlier and other random stories of glory and stupidity. I also was proposed to. By a married groomsman who said that he would gladly take my hand in marriage in exchange for me taking him to game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Hilarious.

I left the rehearsal dinner at a reasonable hour. I was spending the night at Meg’s house. And that is how I got myself into trouble. Because one of her best friends was in town. So we went to the bar. Lucy met us out. My cousin Liz met us out with some of her friends (it was her impromptu divorce party). And then we closed the bar. And Meg jumped in a fountain. And Lucy took a cab home.

And that is the story of how I got four hours of sleep the night before a marathon of a wedding. NOT SMART.


Anonymous said...

I am loving the story so far!! :)

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