Friday, June 12, 2009

A few more for good measure

At the rehsearsal dinner with our gifts for being bridesmaids - adorable Coach wristlets, and the necklaces we wore on wedding day.

Before the ceremony - at the church.

4/5 of the bridesmaids.

The boyz at the ceremony.

The lovely ladies.

What we were good at: being bridesmaids, acting ridiculous.

Sassin' our way from one photo location to another.


my life is brilliant said...

OK, those dresses are really, really similar to the bridesmaid's dresses we had at the wedding where I met K.

The similarities are just too ridiculous. If you marry this guy in two years, it'll be crazy. And awesome.

A said...

Seriously? Freaky. Although - it sounds like it worked out fairly well for you. :)

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