Friday, June 12, 2009

Discussion. Via text message.

...which I'm okay with. My boss is notorious for listening to my phone conversations while I'm at work.

So I told him the details of tonight.

And then I told him that I wasn't going to be there.

This is what I got in response:
"Thanks for the details! But if you are not going to be there why would I want to go? I guess I can hang with those girls too, though just won't be as fun."

Happy, happy.


Kari said...

See it was totally worth doing your homework!!
Have you made plans for Sat or Sun with him??? Assignment #2....
:) Enjoy!!


Accidentally Me said...

Kari is right...a simple "What're you up to for the rest of the weekend?" may serve you very well:-)

my life is brilliant said...

EEEEEEEEEE!!!! I'm like jumping up & down for you right now.

I like that homework assignment. Hop to it, woman!

And then blog about your upcoming date!

A said...

Slight complication. I'm mildly booked up for the rest of the weekend. Lucy's birthday on Saturday night. Soccer on Sunday at 7. So --- ?

Kari said...

What about something Sunday afternoon...that way it is casual. Coffee, rollerblading, something?? What's up for Lucy's B-day?? Is it something that you could invite him to meet you at for part of it?? Oh...if Colin is refing your game on Sunday night, you totally have to invite him to that :)
Enjoy the game. My citizenship prevents me from cheering for the team that you are cheering for but I think Detroit needs some good news!


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