Monday, June 29, 2009


Of the 152 emails sitting in my inbox, a large majority of them are notifications of comments to my humble little blog.

I can't quite explain why I keep them around for as long as I do. (Occasionally I'll purge en mass.)

I think it might make me feel less alone. Like I am a part of something.

Oh, how I love you all.


Accidentally Me said...

I have a special folder in my email that I keep them all in...I consider them validation of my value as a human being:-)

Mrs. Architect said...

I click "archive", so I dont actually SEE them cluttering the inbox - but they're still there. I don't delete them either.

Kinda for the same reason as both you and AM.

Julienne said...

Just found you from the bangs comment on Molly's blog.

I keep all of my comment emails too. You're not alone!

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