Sunday, May 03, 2009

A weekend with no homework

I'll admit that I imagined my first post-graduate weekend would be a little more glamorous. More relief. More alcohol. Less time wearing mismatched pieces of athletic apparel.

Next weekend will be the real celebratory weekend, on account of my graduation and whatnot. My 'rents and grandparents will watch me walk (they actually call names at the graduation ceremony which is totally foreign to me) and we'll have dinner. Lucy has a mystery day planned for next Saturday. And Sunday is Mother's Day.

This weekend was more like Mother's Weekend. My dad was out of town on a golf trip and not so subtly asked me to hang with mom. "She says she hates coming home to an empty house."

On Friday night, it was Chinese food and some bumming around the house. I watched the Red Wings game. She read, looking up from her book to cheer on goals and big plays. After the game, we watched a creepy episode of 20/20, about some kid who plotted to have his entire family killed.

We took princess Blue on a walk on Saturday morning. We went to the grocery store so that I could buy the appropriate supplies for Kentucky Derby Pie. Mom helped talk me down while I was making the pie crust (I hate making pie crust. It is the devil.) I went to Lucy's Kentucky Derby party. Mom did whatever at home. And I got home in time to watch another creepy murder story on a news magazine.

We hung out and read the paper this morning. I skated. Meg came home and we did the typical: chilled out on the deck with Blue, reading materials and iced tea and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

I didn't get much accomplished this weekend. I entirely ignored my to do list.

But I got to have my mommy all to myself. That doesn't happen very often.

It wasn't flashy. I wouldn't label it exciting. But the weekend was memorable in its own way.


Shelley said...

You did your undergrad at Michigan right? Obviously it's a big school but I'm surprised they didn't read names. Was it only one ceremony for the entire graduating class? Wisconsin splits the class and does two ceremonies and has each person write their name (phonetically, of course) on a card to hand to the reader. It goes pretty fast considering there are so many people.

Oh, and a food processor makes making a pie crust soooo much easier. Or, so my mom says.

A said...

No, no names. All of the departments do their own extra li'l something - some read names, some just have a reception.

But the actual graduation is all together. Every school, every graduate. You stand up by school, jump up and down and plop back down. Not personal at all, but for whatever reason nobody complains.

Mrs. Architect said...

Weekends like this, that are memorable for being non-memorable are THE best in life.

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