Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend Roundup

There was a split second today, when I was golfing, that I had no idea what day it was.

Saturday, right? It must still be Saturday.

Oh. No. It is Sunday.

Disappointing, of course. But certainly not as disappointing as it would have been a month ago.

It was a different weekend. Different in that I didn't do much of anything - but I was hardly at a computer to document as much. It wasn't intentional, actually, but I think it was good. I have a bad habit of using technology to burn hours - at work, in the evenings, on the weekends. As if I'm just zoning out as I bide my time. Waiting for the next big thing.

I need to work on that. Living in the moment. Even if the moment is a quiet, insignificant one. Everything can't be an activity.

Not that there wasn't activity. There's always activity! I did a bit of volunteering for the charity race I'm participating in later this month, I went out for appetizers and margaritas with my mom and my sister, I watched my cousin Liz's dog (and watched endless episodes of In Treatment in the process) and went makeup shopping with Emma.

And golfing with Dad and Meg. Oh, how golf has grown on me. This afternoon, Meg said to me, "maybe I'll just hang out here until I find a boyfriend."

Word, baby girl. I'll be sitting with you.


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