Thursday, May 28, 2009


Remember how Anna decided to move out - practically rightthisverysecond - because she wanted to move to NYC to be with her boyfriend?

He dumped her tonight.

I wouldn't be entirely shocked if they're back together by next Friday, when they're scheduled to fly home together for Emma's graduation party.

But it hasn't been three months.

That really sucks ass.

(Also - I was thinking of only blogging about the lives of my family members from now on. Clearly, their lives are more interesting than mine.)


Anonymous said...

Ooohh, ouch is right on that one.

Accidentally Me said...

That's sad:-( It is not totally surprising, though...sometimes you just realize that you aren't meant for each other when you spend that much time together. Living 1,000 miles apart tends to cover up some relationship flaws.

I have never understood people who break up and get back together constantly, so I hope that this is not a pattern...

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