Thursday, May 07, 2009

Love Letters: The Graduation Edition

Dear Ashley,

I don't have the words to tell you how happy I am for you. As hard as it will be to not have that built in reason for talking to you every day, lets stay friends just like we are today. No drifting away just because we don't work together anymore, okay? I need your friendship.

Dear Grey's Anatomy,

Next time you're planning to kill of 1/2 of my favorite couple, if you could steer the heartbreaking episodes away from when I'm on my period and emotionally unstable, I would find it very beneficial to my mental health.

Dear graduation regalia,

I don't mean any offense, hiding you away in the closet. It's just that I can't quite bring myself to realize that this is really happening. I keep you hidden away just in case this is a joke. I'm a little afraid that the Graduation Police will find me tomorrow and pull me aside and take away my cap and gown. I can't already be done.

Dear apartment,

You're cute. You've grown on me. As hard as it was to move in, you feel like home. A home where I don't have to clean up after anyone but me. A home where my books are finally on my bookshelves and my shoes fill the floor of my closet.

Dear Lucy,

What did I ever do to deserve you as a friend? Appointments for massages on Saturday! Sometimes I think you know me better than I know myself.

Dear Twitter,

You're fun, but you're not blogging.

Dear Jobs I'm Qualified For,

If you could mate like bunnies - that would be great. And I hear Michigan is a great place to give birth.

Dear Life,

As of 5 pm tomorrow, you're done with school. No more excuses.


Stace said...

DONE? Ok I seriously need a blog date with your blog b/c apparently I'm way behind in times. :( GOOD LUCK!

allimarie said...

Aww, I'm SUPER jealous of your apartment!!

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