Monday, May 04, 2009

I thought we were in a recession

It started normally enough. I was slow getting ready. Good Morning America interested me more than going to work did.

An email from a close coworker, Liz, started it off. "Guess what I just did?" Put in her two weeks, of course. I was thrilled for her. After I took my promotion early last year, Liz had done both my job and hers. And then had her job cut to part time. It was ugly, the way she was kicked around.

And then a text from Ashley. "I got a job offer this morning." Again, I was thrilled. Ashley puts up with so much shit. She did the same job that I used to, but with more customers who were bigger assholes.

Another text, a few hours later, confirmed that she took the job.

When Ashley was telling me about this job, when she was interviewing for it, she said "my mom asked if you would be mad at me for taking a new job."

I was not entirely convinced that Ashley's mom was really the one asking the question, but I answered it anyway. "Are you kidding me? Please. I couldn't be anything but ecstatic if you got the hell out of here. Plus, I hope that I follow you out the door."

My two closest coworkers. Both leaving. And on the same day. What are the odds?

And the odds that my cousin, Emma, landed her summer job today, too?

What's in the air? And can I please catch it?


allimarie said...

I'm crossing every finger and holding every breath that you're the next one out that door!!!

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