Friday, May 01, 2009

From the Bridezilla files

Email #1 - Dresses are In. Throw Confetti.

Hello Ladies,

Last night as of 9pm your dresses are in at the store. Yea!

I had cleared my calendar Tues and Thurs night this week to go pick them up but that didn't work out. The next time I can get to the store is Monday after work.

If you are able to go and pick your dress up that would help me out. When picking up your dress. Look it over to be sure everything is correct. (Bridesmaid Who Is A Surgical Resident In Ohio, I will get your dress from the store for you).

Their hours are:
Mon And Thurs 10-8,
Tues And Wed 10-7,
Fri 10-6,
Sat 10-5

All of the buttons to be added on the back of the dresses are in my possession so I will need to get those to you.

Also, we need to figure out where we want all of the hem lines to fall regardless of height. It would be helpful for me to see as many of you together at one time with the dresses on.

We can set up a time for that once the dresses are out of the store.

Have a good one,

After I received this email, I replied back with a very polite: WTF? You're telling me that you want me to go to the seamstress twice? For real? (It was more along the lines of: "I don't want to bring my dress to the seamstress twice if we can avoid it [she's very busy at this time of year with other bridesmaid and prom dresses].")

I obviously knew what she had written in the email. But I was trying to point out the logistical shortcomings of her master plan.

Email #2 - No, This Will Not Be Done Logically

Thank you all for your quick response to the dressing coming in. I know we have all been anxious for them to come.

There have been several questions about hem length and buttons.

Please hold off on hemming the dresses. I haven't been able to see you in your dresses to decide on a common length for everyone regardless of height.

I don't want to just pick a number out of the air without seeing how the A-line skirts flair and were they look the best and feel most comfortable on you (ie how much below the knee). Once the fabric is cut there is no going back.

The buttons are at home. I packaged them in bubble wrap (the button backs are plastic) and put them in zip lock bag labeled with your name on it. Each bag has one dozen buttons.

I haven't had access to a dress and buttons at the same time until now. This weekend I will lay out the buttons on the back of the dress and give you the spacing between the buttons for proper lay out so they look the same.

Let me know if there are any more questions.


This bitch actually thinks that I will be visiting my seamstress twice to get this dress wedding ready? And that I will willingly get together with the bridesmaids, once I have my original fitting done, so that she can see how we measure up and hem appropriately? Good fucking luck with that one, princess.

Am I the only one who has noticed that the wedding is a month away?

Not even touching the button issue.


Kari said...

Umm..what is her deal with the buttons?? Tell her that you will bring your glue gun with you and you will help the others glue the buttons on. Also I think duct tape comes in a million colours now, maybe you can get a roll the same colour as your dress and bring it with you when you parade around in your dresses with the other bridesmaids. I am sure it will hem the dress really well.
You totally need to write a book about this experience!

Stace said...

You are amazing. It's late, i've been up way to long doing to much stuff, but just thought i'd let you know. you ROCK! :)

Mrs. Architect said...

And this is the reason I HATE being in a wedding. HATE.

Anonymous said...

I assume she's a friend of yours if you are a bridesmaid? I understand she's being demanding, but put yourself in her shoes for a minute. Its her wedding, and it sounds like she's trying to take care to see that all her bridesmaids look their best. Doesn't everyone usually complain about how unflattering bridesmaids dresses are? If I found a friend calling me a 'bitch' on the internet, I'd be really hurt. Maybe go the direct route and let her know you can't go to the seamstress twice instead of complaining behind her back.

A said...

We're not really friends, which is what makes the entire thing so insane. I told her that going to the seamstress twice was not feasible, but she ignored it.

I should have known not to be in a wedding of someone I barely know. If this was a good friend (the sort of person you should be a bridesmaid for) I would have taken her demands with a grain of salt.

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