Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Don’t quite know what to do with myself

Seeing as how it has been a year and a half since I’ve had free time that stretches out more than a week or two, I am feeling a little dumbfounded by this new and exciting chapter in my life.

This chapter, by the way, is titled: Should Spend Every Hour Looking for a Job.

While last week was my first official week of freedom, I was plenty occupied. It didn’t feel much different than a normal week. I rushed to Mom and Dad’s house after work on Monday. On Tuesday night, I rushed to Bridezilla’s to try on my bridesmaid dress. I worked late on Wednesday night. On Thursday, I worked late again, went to the grocery store and let Grey’s Anatomy rip my heart out. Friday was graduation insanity.

It felt like a normal week. Except that, instead of sitting in lecture or interning at the library, I was running around for other reasons. It was a good transition, really. You can’t go from 60 MPH to stopped.

This week, I am mostly stopped. Last night, I read, I went to the gym, and I read some more. Tonight, I’ll go to the gym and then watch Idol. Repeat for Wednesday.

Not exactly what I’m used to. Not exactly what I like.

I need some goals, I suppose. Maybe a big list – printed on an enormous sheet of paper. With checkboxes for me to mark off.

Research hotels for South Africa.
Knit a baby hat.
Teach myself a music editing software program
Clean out my damn car
Stop obsessing about filling every second of every day


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