Monday, May 25, 2009

Days cousin Liz's life

Get this.

My cousin Liz moved in with her boyfriend. (The buddy of her ex-husband.)

Seriously? She hasn't been separated for a year.

It isn't that I am judging how quickly she should or should not move on. She's 27 and I think that she can figure that out herself.

It's just - holy shit. How do you find/commit to a guy who is worthy of living with in less than a year? Colin and I have been dunzo for longer than she's been separated from her husband and I haven't even found someone to date!

Are my standards too high?
Are hers too low?

Maybe she's lucky.
Maybe I'm not.

Will be lucky to see how this all turns out.

Quick recap for the new readers:
1. My cousin Liz was married three and a half years ago. I was a bridesmaid at the enormous and extravagant wedding.
2. Liz and her husband split last summer.
3. When we went to Chicago for New Years Eve, Liz was suddenly bringing a boy (a boy who was friends with her estranged husband) with her instead of the friend she was supposedly bringing along.
4. The trip to Chicago made it obvious that they're together.


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