Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Being a blogger

An anonymous (they’re always anonymous, aren’t they?) comment left on my blog last night that left me questioning myself this morning.

The comment wasn’t vicious. It was honest and upfront and there wasn’t anything wrong with it. I was called out for being nasty to The Bride Formerly Known As Bridezilla.

And I was nasty. Nasty and frustrated and feeling used and venting on my mostly private blog.

I’m not going to delete the comment. I’m not going to delete what I wrote. As of Friday, I’ll be a full-fledged, graduated, professional, unemployed librarian. Librarians don’t believe in censorship.

I won’t censor.

It is my blog. I wrote it. And if there was ever a time where I needed to ‘fess up to what I wrote about The Bride Formerly Known As Bridezilla, or about my crazy family, or about my coworkers, I would.

In a situation like this, you can’t win.
Not blogging is not an option.
Blogging only happy, positive, cheerful things is akin to not blogging.

What do you do? Maintain your course, I suppose. Carry on. Do what you’ve been doing for the last 4+ years. Remember that, at some point, you might get called out. You might be the asshole. Be okay with that. Hold steady.

But I would be lying if I didn’t admit that, next time, I will think twice.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous here again! Don't question yourself. Given the circumstances, FWIW, your reaction to the Bride was understandable. Remember, I'm just a random who only has a few pieces of info about the situation, and I probably shouldn't have passed judgment. I guess the post struck a chord with me because a dear friend once posted a ranty post about me on her LiveJournal, calling me a bitch, and it really hurt my feelings. We were close friends (or so I thought) for a long time. I guess your post just reminded me of that-- sometimes venting can hurt people's feelings, but so can anonymously passing judgment on someone else's blog. ;)


Accidentally Me said...

Write whatever you feel like. One of the great purposes of a blog is to be able to "say" something that makes you feel better but that you don't care to say in public. Don't ever lose that, or you will lose your joy of blogging and stop and that would make me cry:-)

And...I completely agree with you. My guess is that this girl is ranting and raving about how stressful wedding planning is, when she would enjot herself much more if she didn't worry about stupid shit like this!

allimarie said...

When I was in my SISTER'S (MY FREAKING SISTER!!!!) wedding, I wrote a long bitchy vent, i think even calling her a bitch on my blog. Someone wrote something VERY similar on my blog - anonymous of course. I deleted all the comments other people wrote who agreed, calling her selfish, bitchy, whatever, because if she read my blog, I will fess up 100%, but I didn't want her reading comments from other people who didn't know her. What I wrote was honest feelings and I stand by them. I said the same things to her, but in a gentler manner. I wasn't hiding anything on here - just wrote it in a harsher manner.

Becoming a bride does NOT give you carte blanche to become a damanding bitch. And that is what LOTS of brides DO become. And that is what society and the bridal industry makes girls think they are entitled to. (Because you are getting married?? Puh-lease!!!) I HATE it!!! When I got married, I didn't even have a single bridesmaid (not even my own sister!) because I didn't want to put ANYONE through the misery of doing that.

For the perfect example of a bridezilla who took getting married as entitlement to becoming a bitch, scroll through my recent archives to the "white trash bitch".

allimarie said...

Forgive the grammatical and spelling errors in previous comment. Should have revised before posting. Ugh!

my life is brilliant said...

I'm glad anonymous came back and explained herself. I can see both sides here.

Don't think twice about posting your honest feelings. That's what the blog is for! Sometimes, when the feelings are a little more fresh (and especially when they're uncensored), they come off a bit more dramatic than they really are.

Not that this was the case for your post about the bride.

It's completely understandable to feel the way that you do, whether you know her well or not. It undoubtedly would be less stressful for ALL of you if she wasn't so particular about all of her plans.

Maybe it'll be a really kick-ass wedding, though! Then maybe it'll all be worth it!

Maybe. :) (But at least it'll be over!)

Kari said...

Please don't stop writing about bridzilla...I love reading about it (I too have been a bridesmaid for a bridezilla but you write about it in such an amazing way)


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, I just read a blog that had a link to your blog that says you know Adam from AI! Is this true and how did I miss that?

And don't stop blogging about bridezilla!

A said...

Thanks for all of the comments, kids. I think this might be all about finding a balance. It’s my blog. It’s me. But I’m not cruel, so I shouldn’t be when I’m behind the keyboard. But I am foul – so you’ll all just have to suffer through my language.

Nicole – no need to apologize. Honestly.

Alli – Totally remember your WT Bitch. And totally love your comment, grammar, spelling and all. :)

Everybody – I’m never opposed to having the hard questions thrown into my lap. If you put the time into reading my blog, you’re welcome to call me out on anything and everything. XO

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