Thursday, May 21, 2009

New season, new beginning

Today feels like summer. Thank goodness. The sun was toasty. I slipped on my sunglasses for my drive into work. I tilted my face up to the sky each time I stepped outside. Finally, it is here.

My freedom is soaking in. I have control of my life again. Thank goodness. Spending my evening at the gym, cooking dinner and cleaning the bathroom? It it doesn't involve homework. And that is good.

I've been pretty disciplined with applying for jobs. Thank goodness. There just aren't a lot of jobs, that I'm qualified for, out there. I'm looking mainly in Michigan and Ohio, at this point. I'm considering adding California to the mix. I would do it because my cousin, Danielle, is there. Maybe that is a mistake.

I have a job interview in a few weeks. Thank goodness. It isn't a full-time position. I'll worry about that later.

Soccer season starts in just two weeks! Thank goodness.

Bridezilla has been quiet for days. Thank goodness.

We're at the cusp of summer. Things are looking up. Thank goodness.


allimarie said...

I want to move to Cali, so let's both find jobs there and be roomies!! :-)

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