Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Resolution Roundup 2009: Part 2

Oh, March already?

Checkin' in on February.

Be nicer to my nemesis coworker.
Ummm. Well, Nemesis Coworker could do just a little bit of his own work and I would be slightly nicer to him.

Oh, but everyone was making fun of him at a staff meeting and I didn't contribute. I think I might have even said something sympathetic!

Grade: C+

Take an average of 1 yoga class per week.
Yoga classes that I took in February: 0.

Wow. That's progress.

Grade: F

Use my Palm Pilot.
Eh. Was better in January.

Grade: C+

Get a new job.
Didn't get that job I interviewed for. Disappointing but not surprising.

Did continue to drag myself to class and to my internship. Am within 2 months of graduation. Which will, someday, result in a new position.

Grade: B-

Run a half-marathon.
My class schedule isn't doing me any favors. I'd like to get up and run in the mornings, but I feel like that is pretty much out of the question until I'm not at my internship until 10 pm two days a week.

I want to run. Do I get any credit for that?

Grade: C-

Give myself an allowance.
Good again. Stuck to the allowance for the second month - no more cash, and no additional purchases. Except for the one dinner I bought when I was in Canada for that hockey tournament.

One slip isn't so bad.

Grade: B+


my life is brilliant said...

Woman, you are HARD on yourself! One dinner should be an A-, not a B+.

And WANTING to run does count if your schedule doesn't allow it. A C would've been fine. Ditch the minus.

As for the nemesis coworker, he still needs to go screw himself. The fact your other coworkers were picking on him just proves it even more. Give yourself an A (or B+ at the least!) for sticking up for him. Especially since he probably didn't deserve it.

And give yourself bonus points on ALL OF THESE for handling the whole roommate situation so gracefully.

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