Monday, March 02, 2009

Pop quiz

Q. What is a girl to do after a week that started off like this?
1. Setting her alarm clock a half-hour too early
2. Thinking that she lost Blue in the early-morning darkness
3. Having the water turn off mid-shower because - surprise! - the pipes in the house had frozen overnight
(It is so cold here.)
4. Too busy of a workday. Boss mildly crabby. Wanted to cry.
5. Did not have time for lunch. (Always a recipe for disaster.)
6. Rush to school. For a midterm. That I didn't study for. (I think I did okay.)
7. Drive to Grandma and Grandpa's to pick up Blue (I felt bad leaving her at the house all day).
8. Stop at the grocery store for eggs and milk. And edamame.

A. Read Perez Hilton and eat ravioli. With her hands.

And go to bed as early as possible to rest up for a big day that includes: a visit to La Doctora Del Cha Cha, work and an endless night of glory at my internship.

At least my dentist appointment isn't until next Monday.


Anonymous said...

Take the week off... :)

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