Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Never say never

I've never watched Idol.

Until this season.

It's amazing what you'll do when your cousin's ex-roommate/ex-castmate/friend goes in for an audition and ends up in the top 13.

He's doing so well - did you see his version of Black and White last night? - and it is awfully fun to watch someone you know (barely, but we're going to count it).

If you kids are looking for someone to root on, choose Adam. He lived with Danielle. Danielle is my cous'. You read my blog. Way less than six degrees of separation. You practically know him yourself.

How could you not vote for him?


Kari said...

If I could vote I would... The only time I watched Cdn Idol was when a guy I used to work with was on it...once he was voted off...I stopped watching! Enjoy watching someone you know! It is great fun!


OC said...

How odd... I was catching up on your blog and my DVR at the same time and I started reading and read "Black and White" just as Adam is on my TV, singing just that! If I ever am home on a Tuesday night I'll vote for him!

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