Sunday, March 08, 2009

My grand return

I'm home.

I haven't been here in 9 days. I was at Mom and Dad's, watching sweet Blue, while the 'rents were living it up in Palm Springs.

Things didn't stop around here.

The house is officially mine and only mine. Minus all of the random shit that Anna left here.

She didn't clean out the refrigerator, which burns me. She was forever leaving food in there to rot. She was forever buying a new bottle of salad dressing or chocolate syrup - even though she already had 6 of each. And I was forever throwing away her month-old loaves of bread and her decomposing bags of salad. So I suppose that I will this one last time. Charming.

She left a lot here. She had no incentive to finish the job that she started. All of her bedroom furniture is here for her parents to deal with. (I assume. It sure as hell isn't going to be me.) I made one loop around the house and picked up all of the things that weren't mine and filled her bed with it. I'm not done. But it was therapeutic.

I think that I can be over being pissed about the situation. Anna fucked me over and now it's done with.

I also think I found an apartment.

Knowing that you won't be homeless goes a long way towards finding forgiveness at the bottom of your cold, black heart.


Kari said...

I say you sell all of her crap on craiglist....
Glad you've found an apartment! Moving sucks...but a new place is exciting!


my life is brilliant said...

Whatever, you don't have a black heart. Like you said, she screwed you over. AGAIN, it seems like.

I think you're handling this very well. And I'm glad for you that you found an apartment! I hope you love it even more than this house. Besides, it'll have a clean refrigerator and hopefully neighbors who won't park in the driveway you just spent so much time shoveling. Or better yet, they'll have someone ELSE to shovel snow for you! Score! :)

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