Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My finest moment

It's Sunday. Our last game of the year. I'm the last player out of the locker room. Running a little behind, I'm carrying my helmet in one hand and my glove and blocker in the other hand.

I walk down the hall, past the lobby (that has glass looking into the rink) and to the bench.

I look down.

And there it is.

A bra - MY BRA - hanging off of my equipment. The little bugger had gotten caught in a piece of velcro. And it trailed behind me like a damn streamer.

I had two choices at that moment:
1. Dart back to the locker room.
2. Confess.

I 'fessed up. Doubling over in laughter, I showed a teammate. The referee noticed and cracked up. And I peeled that sucker (which had been in my bag since my tournament in Canada!) off of my equipment and threw it on the bench.

I stretched out. And then I hear our coach - one of the girls dads, he's about 75 years old - say "is that a BRA?!"

So I confessed. Again. And then he delivered my bra into the locker room for me.

He has two daughters.

Artist's rendering of my moment o' glory.


Anonymous said...

Was it really yellow? - sorry couldn't resist

A said...

HA. No, but the white wouldn't show up against the ice very well. I do have a shocking yellow bra, however. :)

my life is brilliant said...


Kudos to you for handling that so well. Hilarious!

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