Friday, March 06, 2009

I wish I could fix it

It looks like Meg won't get into PT school again this year.

Which I honestly don't get. Her grades are fine. She has strong GRE scores. She went to an amazing school. She has the work experience. And the whole college athlete/captain of her team angle.

Most of the schools let in 30 students. Sometimes less. I guess that doesn't lend you any favors.

No, she doesn't have a 4.0. And it really burns me to think that a 4.0 student from a substandard school would get in over Meg.

But I don't know that. She might just be the unfortunate 31st best candidate.

Cross your fingers that a spot will open up for her at the school that she's waitlisted at. Because, seriously, she deserves it.


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